Man, I should bring my succulents off the patio

Man, I should bring my succulents off the patio
So today was supposed to be the big bad beginning of "The Canon of Queer Cinema," but obviously, it isn't. Sorry! I haven't even made it to the li-berry to peruse the reference works. I suck. I swear its what I'm doing this weekend, though. An hour and a half a the gym tomorrow, then to the beautiful library.
So if you're just itchin' to talk about Clark bars and robots of the future, hold your horses! I'll get to it soon, I swear.
In the meantime,
I have compiled what (in my opinion) is my best dance mix to date. I created it with K (Sherman's human) in mind which is why it ends with the Jazmina track.
Here's the tracklisting in case you're wondering:

I'm a Good Man - Martin Solveig
Doctor Pressure - Mylo
I Feel Space - Lindstrom
Love 2 Dance (Original Mix) - Fatty Acid
Circuit Breaker - Royksopp
Jittery Heritage (Dominik Eulb Remix) - Einmusik
Cream - Jurgen Paape
Prototype (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) - Rex the Dog
99 & A Half Featuring Alexander East - Phonique
It's Just Cruel - National Trust
My Beats - Jimmy Edgar
D-funked - Dexter
It Ain't Easy (Shades of Black Club Mix) - Jazmina

Sorry for no additional links or news today, but work is actually expecting me to work! Bastards!
Have a lovely weekend--all three of you!

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