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Lynn Hershman Leeson's Roberta BreitmoreHope you all had a great weekend. Mine went pretty well. Matt and I hit the Sonics game on Friday and had a blast. When the little breakers came out, I yelled stuff like, "That's my little brother, yo!" And when the cheerleader chicks came out, I yelled stuff like, "Show us your boobs!" So I think that I sufficiently annoyed all of the people in our section. This was nowhere near as bad as yelling say, "alleged rapist," and "adulterer," so the patrons really have no room to complain about my antics.
Saturday was date day. It went pretty well. I would give specifics, but I'm not the kiss and tell type. Let's just say that my date's really good friend is
this guy.
Sunday was all kinds of fun. It started around 1 when Risa and Keith, Maggie and Tony, and Bill came over for brunch. I made cinnamon rolls, hash browns, and breakfast burritos. To drink, we had guava nectar and champagne--or Meximosas as I like to call them. I like feeding people. Then Bill and I hit the
Henry. The main exhibit was by Lynn Hershman Leeson. She's been making crazy-ass multimedia art for longer than I've been alive. The show is a great retrospective of her work. My favorite was the Roberta Breitmore performance stuff she did in the 70's. Great ideas with great execution. Some of the other stuff seemed a little primitive compared to today's technology, but there is no denying the innovation. Two of her video pieces feature the luminescent Tilda Swinton. When we first arrived at the museum, they were showing some of her short films. The one we saw was quite interesting, it dealt with meeting people on-line, gender and sexuality, and reality vs. fantasy. I highly recommend visiting her site and browsing around.
Also on display is a huge contact-paper piece by
Santiago Cucullu. I've gotta say that even though the curator wrote stuff about "mix tapes" and other youth-oriented catchphrases, this piece is pretty bad ass. I wish there were more of it.
The final exhibit is entitled
150 and it features 150 works of art spanning 150 years from the Henry's permanent collection. The pieces range from boring to riveting, but the true excellence of this exhibit lies in its installation. Lead Pencil Studio set this puppy up, and walking through it is a truly fresh and exciting experience. I wish I could explain it better, you'll just have to go see it.
If you can't make it to the Henry and still want a little culture today, I'd like to direct your attention to
this site which features the newest bad assishness of liquid sculptures. There's a video at the bottom of the page so you can check it in action.

Also, I'm in a bit of a quandry. Should I move to the graveyard shift for a promotion? Or stay in this here vault? And by graveyard, I'm talking 11PM-7AM M-F (or more like Tues-Sat). All comments welcome.

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Ugh, well at least you'd have no excuse to give up partying and get your ass to the gym....