I know, I know

Hey, happy new year and stuff!
I know, its been forever. I apologize if I worried you, but fer real, get a grip, I've got to have a life, too. The past two weeks, or so, were my downtime. My return to me time.
Its like Geoffrey Jellineck would say, "I'm not pushing you away. I'm pulling me toward myself."
So, I deleted all your emails (sorry). Didn't return your phone calls (my bad). And haven't posted in a coon's age (is "coon's age" racist?).
My parents didn't even hear from me until Saturday, if that makes you feel any better--my own parents, I tells ya!

So today marks my return to proper society. No more extended stays in bed. No more ordering pizza. No more putting things off because I can.

I've got choir practice tonight. I know, I thought it was over, too. I did, however, promise them a year of my life. Rehearsal tonight is for the spring show which is "That 80's Show." I'm not too sure on the song line-up but I know we're doing a medley of "She Blinded Me with Science" and "Weird Science." Hopefully Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" will surface. I just learned over the weekend that she's Welsh (thanks, VH1). So it kind of killed my personal fantasy of Kim Carnes and her in some biker bar in Arizona doing whiskey shots and saying stuff like, "Guuurrrrl" and, "He done you wrong!" They would be wearing leather chaps, natch.

Anyway, the advent of choir practice marks a return to world. Happy new year! Here's how mine looks thus far:

Old Joy" is in town until next Thursday. I've been excited for this film for quite some time. I hope to make it up to NWFF before the run ends. They also have a short run (1/12 - 1/18) of "51 Birch Street" which I would like to see, but common sense tells me I'll be luck to catch just one of these gems.

Next Wednesday is, of course, David Lynch at the Cinerama. Only one thing will keep me from this--death.

Friday the 19th is the opening party for
Make Your Own Life at the Henry. Phil and I are going to hit it up after a lovely dinner overlooking Elliot Bay at Anthony's Home Port.

Oh, speaking of good dinners, Risa,
Keith and I went to Peso's this past Saturday (after Risa and I saw Dreamgirls). I had a killer fried stuffed chicken breast. It was stuffed finely diced portabellos, tomatillos, onions and sage. It was a little dry, but the whole thing was served on a pillow of garlic mashed potatoes and drenched in a an amazing jalepeno, roasted red pepper cream gravy. And we were at Peso's. And it was a game day. And there were shiny-shirt guys. And I didn't even care.

Oh so speaking of Risa and Keith--their day is nigh. February 17th they'll tie the knot. I've been working on what exactly I'll say (if you've been keeping up, I'm officiating the ceremony). So that, coupled with Matt's birthday will be my February.

March will be Tennille's birthday, plus a weekend long retreat with the chorus. This could actually be my breaking point with the organization, but we'll see.

April is Phil's birthday, and that's it.

May is home to Texas for an extended stretch. The old man will turn 70. I can't believe it. My parents are still the same as when I was in high school in my mind. In reality, they are getting old.

So that's the way the year is shaping up.

My only resolution for this year is to dance more. I used to go out dancing at least once a week. Now, its once in a blue moon (which is June 1st if you're keeping track).

I hope to add some much needed structure to the blog. Like Friday posts will be pop culture/out-on-the town. Monday posts will be a glimpse at my fractured psyche, and Wednesdays I'll post about other bloggers' posts or something.
Knowing me, this idea will be chucked.

Ok, so, that's it. Its good to be back. I missed you, too. I promise I won't be so distant.


Earl Cootie said...

Don't forget. February is also the month-long Richard birth celebration. (Well, all right, it probably won't be a month long, and it probably won't be terribly exciting or eventful, but still, it's there.)

Coon's age

Thomas said...

i've been really wanting to see Old Joy as well, though I don't think it's coming to any theatres around here. i have a Will Oldham obsession.

Blogger said...

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