Better be good for frak's sake

I'm sure all the queer geek blogs 'round the 'sphere are buzzing about how excited they are for the new season of BSG.
There was a time when I would have been equally as ecstatic, but as they slowly sucked the life out of the show last season and flattened metaphors with their ham-fisted storytelling, my interest waned.
Actually, it more than waned. I lamented the fact that I had told so many people that it was a good show because all of that goodness was thrown out the air lock as the show turned to flashback episodes, inconsequential stories about peripheral characters, inconsequential stories about characters that only got one episode, and the biggest let down of all? The two-hour long TRIAL as season finale. It was snooze city and how the writers abandoned character! Both Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber's limited acting chops were laid bare for all the world to see.

So, yeah, I'll tune in tonight. The season opener can't be nearly as good as last season's (the only really good thing about last season), but the first two years were so good and so nuanced and so prescient that I'll forgive the 3rd season, but they better make it good!

In other news, I will officially be back on Tuesday with the LONG OVERDUE review of
Skull & Bones. And I'm going to try to do one feature per week for the rest of the year, normally out on Tuesdays with smaller updates when I have the chance/impetus.

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Phil said...

like i need to tell you, but...record it! I'll be over as soon as i can!