Yeah, posting's been a little sparse. I think the election really took a lot out of me. Of course I was excited at Obama's win, but the flipside of that was Proposition 8's passing in California. I took last Wednesday off of work and stayed up til six in the morning watching returns.

Keith Olberman just made an emotional plea regarding Prop 8. It is quite good and I recommend passing it along to anyone who maybe doesn't quite have a handle on the issue.

Obviously, I believe that if two people can enter into a civil contract called marriage, that that contract should not be predicated on the basis that the two parties are of the opposite sex.

Add to California's misstep Florida and Arizona's similar amendments. Then Arkansas' refusal to allow "unmarried cohabitating adults" to foster or adopt a child, and finally Kansas' repealing of Affirmative Action and all I see is white man's rage--oh and a lot of self-righteous Christianity.

So . . . I'm just waiting out these final days of the Bush administration.

I'm waiting for President Obama to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

I'm waiting for Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton to write a majority finding that states cannot write bigotry into their constitutions.

I'm waiting for . . .
Wrath of the Lich King to be released on Thursday--when I'm playing my video game, I almost don't care that there is much work to be done.


Tennille said...

I saw this last night. It was a good way of making the point. Its unbelievable that people would still vote to take away a right of their fellow humans. But I also think this happened for a reason. It opened up the dialogue in such a huge way. I guess its our generations civil rights struggle. I love that people are protesting places not even close to California!

Philip said...

Talked to my Mom, she voted against Prop 8. I figured as much, she's a strong believer in separation of church and state. But there's always that possibility. My folks always watch Olberman, but missed this because she and my dad went to the movies for the first time in years. She told me to send it to her.

She was still going on about McCain and Palin. "If he died that stupid woman would be president! Even Fox News is talking bad about her!"

Matthew said...

Phil?! What movie did your folks go see? Please tell me it was HSM 3! PLEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!

Anyway, on topic, there are a LOT of old-timey people still kickin around out there. Change takes time. Just look at how long the Suffragettes had to fight. And like you said Tennille, getting this dialogue open can only be a good thing.

Who knows? Maybe within the next 200 years we, as human beings, can finally live together. Equally.

Phil said...

It was The Changeling. I think the corruption in it reinforced my mother's hatred of the police.

Thomas said...

how goes the power leveling? are you playing a death knight?

Anonymous said...

here's a site for all things prop 8 related.