Has anyone read that book by Lawrence Lessig? I was supposed to read it for work. The subtitle is Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. He was on Colbert the other day and I Tivo'd it. Pretty soon I'm gonna Remix that interview and post it to my YouTube account. But something else happened--one of those synchronistic moments when the planets align and the disco lights of heaven shine down . . .
See, the other day Jimbo posted this funny jpg of Wilford Brimley with one of those motivational sayings, work poster-y borders around it with "Diabeetus" as the title and "Medicare can help" as the subtitle. Matthew and I, and I'm sure a lot of you, have chuckled multiple times at Mr. Brimley's pronunciation of the affliction.
So then, I was at home playing WoW (raiding 25-man Naxx tonight, y'all!) and watching Government Access (what? I can't enjoy a little local policy from time to time?) when lo and behold, the woman on television mispronounciated (read as: Buster Bluth) diabetes the Brimley way. Luckily, my Tivo loves me and sent the mispronunciation (read: correctly) to my computer and I quickly hacked it up and slowed it down.

Here are the results:

Be warned, there is a Wilford Brimley conspiracy.

The cats are trying to warn us.

P.S. If anyone did read that book, a report no more than 1500 words on my desk in the morning.

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