Wacking vs. Lofting

Firstoff, Circlesquare's new long-player is every bit as good as this track, so if you likey, you go buy-y.
Secondly, yes, I spend too much time watching people dance on YouTube.
However, I thought this was a good showcase for some fine dancing. Early on, you can see elements of wacking and
lofting. No voguing this time, but really, I'm fine with that. Once the dancers get partners, you get some really strong modern choreography. All iterations of the partnering work is smart and efficient. So seek out some new music and more importantly, seek out some good dance--or just turn up some music really loud and dance around your living room.


heidi said...

you'd think that with an attempted Minor in Dance (laughable) I would have known about wacking, but no.

You know too many things!!

My word verification is: yoinsiz... is that like oy-vey?

Earl Cootie said...

I do likey. I looked for your wacking v. voguing post under the dance label, but I couldn't find it. I recall that at the time, I was too impatient to wait for the video to load.

Anonymous said...

this is not wacking or vogueing its modern dance [erpetrating as jazz or something! from a Major to a minor "for shame!!!!"

bboytrife said...

not lofting
not wAAcking
you just making stuff up...

this is lofting

this is waccking

have fun

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