Go-go chick bye

Well, Mike, Janice, and I ate at Madame K's for what will most likely be the last time. It was a nice send off for a restaurant that holds many fine memories, including, but not limited to, drunkeness, wearing pink boas, and tons of birthdays.
The chicken on my final Go-Go Chick pie was dry. The gorgonzola was sparse and hardly noticable. It was nowhere near the wonderful melty goodness of its heyday,--the days when I would tip both front and back of house--but it was good enough. The amazing orgasm dessert? Just as good as the first one I ever had.
Now its onto new memories at new pizza joints.

But for now, a moment of silence for one of the first places that helped make this town feel like home for me.

(And in case you didn't check out the link above, here it is again, so you can see what fancy duds we were wearing.)

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Anonymous said...

RIP Madame K's! Great staff, even the ornery owner, great food, great times.