Tuesdays with bloggy

I figure since realms are generally down on Tuesdays for patches, I can spend some time with ye olde blogge. Wow, between a Monday post about movies (who knows how long that will last) and a regular Tuesday post, you'd think I'd found some sort of routine or structure. Let me assure you, nothing could be farther from the truth. Nah, I think its just the spring time thing.

But enough about me, let's talk about me.

Last weekend was the debaucherous choir retreat. You can check out some pics here (WARNING: pics toward the end of the slideshow could be considered NSFW--but I assure you it was all harmless). Fort Worden was a great setting. I wish there had been more sunshine. It finally made an appearance on Sunday for the ferry ride home. Being out on the peninsula reminded me how much of this state I haven't seen and how I need to go on another outing with Earl and Bucko.

So, in other news, it is with a heavy heart that I relay news of Copacetique's going out of business sale. Janice is closing the doors and moving to New York to work at Fred Flare (check out how adorable she looks on their home page). I am very happy for her new job, but this is the end of an era in so many ways. It seems like just yesterday that she and Mike unpacked their belongings from the long move from Austin. We haven't seen each other a lot over the past year (I really haven't seen a lot of anyone), and I regret not spending more time with them.
Along with Copacetique, its zine-sister Copacetic, which was at one time in print and for which I was an on-again-off-again contributor, is also gone. I think the first issue came out in 1994. The first author Janice reviewed for it, Francesca Lia Block, later cited Copacetic in her non-fiction book Zine Scene.
I feel like I'm writing an obiutuary. I'll miss you Janice. Even though we should have spent much more time together, I really, really cherished each moment we had together. Whether it was walking down Market to Golden Gardens or going to shows like Ivy and Tahiti 80 and Belle & Sebastian (our first Seattle show together, then a year later with The Decemberists opening). It was nice knowing that you were close by. It was nice hearing your giggle behind Cheryl's show. I'll be in New York soon, I promise.

Next, though, I'm going to San Francisco. I'm going to see Booka Shade and hopefully an old friend.

After that is the choir concert. Phil's going on Sunday. When are you going?


Me said...

Thanks for the book tip son. We'll be there on the 1st - me, Joyce and Joy Sue - tell Phil to look for us.

Tennille said...

dammit - i actually could come out!! I have a couple of days off...I just don't love you enough to spend $700 to only spend one day with you, sorry, you'll have to do better next time.

Keith said...

Pictures: we just got the CDs on Tuesday and they are good!

Other: saw this and thought you'd dig it: