Up and coming

Ahhhh, that's the sound of me letting out a sigh of relief that the musically sparse winter months are over. With spring comes the promise of some good shows. So get your pencils ready to mark some dates.
First and foremost is the Booka Shade show all the way down in San Francisco. Matt and I will be hitting up the city for a good ass-shaking, and while we're there, we'll catch up with my old bud Matty (who goes by Matthew now). The trip is to commemorate Matt's 28th birthday which was on February 20th. I know that it will be a better show than Sander Kleinenberg in Vancouver.
Anyway, you're not going to San Francisco, and you want to know where you can shake it 'round these parts.
March 27th - Ratatat @ Neumo's
March 30th - Mark Farina @ Neumo's (Mark's last 3 sets in Seattle have sucked huge donkey dick, but I'll still probably show)
April 7th - DJ Heather w/ The Lawnchair Generals @ Neumo's
April 13th - John Tejada w/ Lusine and Jerry Abstract @ Chop Suey
April 14th - Luke Vibert + Jacob London @ Re-Bar
April 21st - Junior Boys -- I'm not sure if they're at Neumo's or the Chop cuz they're listed on both
April 25th - SoulWax feat. 2 Many DJs
May 13th - Peter, Bjorn, & John @ Neumo's
The ones in bold are the ones I will not miss. (I'll even be rolling into work late & drunk on the night of the 25th.) As for the PB&J show on May 13th, I hope to make it, but I'm scheduled to be in Texas for my dad's 70th birthday. I'll be attempting to fly standby on that day, cuz I really want to see them.
Hope to see you out!


Anonymous said...

sad news for you..."veronica mars" is cancelled.

jeremy said...

Nooooooo! I thought it might be . . .
What a shitty way to start the weekend.

Charles said...

I saw online it was extended for 3 eps after its initial 13 episode order for this season. Where is this information online? Who is "anonymous"??

I need answers, dammit!