Out of the vault

The above video clip is my weekend abridged for your pleasure.

On Friday, my lovely boyfriend took me to dinner and a movie. The dinner? A stretch for my gastronomically narrow beau, but one which he handled nicely. We went to Jamjuree on Capitol Hill. Pad See You for him. Rad nah for me. I even opted for only 2 stars of spiciness so he could sample my dish. Normally, I get four or five star spicy (which ever is the limit). I like to break a sweat when I eat Thai food.

We had some time to kill before the midnight movie, so we hit up the Madison Pub with Bill and Andrew. Then it was onto the new homo bar, Pony. Celebrity sighting--Dan Savage playing video games.

Finally, it was time for "Once More, With Feeling" the Buffy Sing Along. The show was sold out. The line wrapped around the block. It was pretty insane. The pre-show stuff could have been cut down some to allow time for purchasing alcohol after the screening, but the actual sing along was great. That episode, to me, is one of the best that has ever been on TV. I also enjoyed that as a PSA in the pre-show, they showed the Joss Whedon on Veronica Mars clip then beseeched the CW brass to reup the (now cancelled) show.

Saturday was the Henry with Bill. I wanted to check it out again, mainly to break in my new camera. Remind me to put some electrical tape over the recording light. The museum nazi told me to turn it off.

Sunday was brunch with Risa, Keith, and Phil at the usual haunt.

So, the new toy was really cheap. I got it through Amazon for around $130. I love how small it is. Contrary to what the YouTube clip would have you believe, it takes pretty high quality video. I love that it plugs right into a USB port.

My biggest complaint so far has to do with Windows Movie Maker and not the product itself. It works much easier on a Mac than it does on a PC. Plus, Movie Maker did some weird compression thing to the video image. I'm going to see if I can fix it tomorrow.

As for plans this week--I'll get around to that meme that QTA sent me. (Oh, and make sure you swing by his site to see one of my favorite video mashups.) No plans for the 4th, and a beach birthday bbq on the 6th. Please send cash or money order. Thanks!


PHil said...

Next time we'll each add a star. Those dishes, while tasty, seemed a little tame.
Great work on the video.

red said...

OMG! Laughing my ass off @ girls fighting! At least I know that my white denim choice was indeed totally retro-fashion-forward-chic. All you white denim haters let me know when you catch up!
@ Phil: yes you need at least 3 stars to really enjoy Thai Food. You must break a sweat and it should totally burn twice.
Nice vid Jerms. When are we gonna see more of your robot?

GayProf said...

D'oh -- I thought you were going to see La Vie in Rose. Really, though, Buffy and Edith are basically the same person.

One of my goals in my own personal life is to find somebody who can eat as spicy of food as I do. Or someone who has a set of balls. Whichever.