The Wednesday wiggle

So I guess I'm going to become one of those blogs on Wednesdays.
I know that So You Think You Can Dance is a huge hit and it gets tons of ink spilled about it, but I can't help myself. I love dancing so much that I feel it is my obligation to post about the show.

Last week I completely overlooked Anya and Danny's jive from the previous week. Let me just say that ballroom, in general, doesn't really do it for me. The jive, thankfully, is a high energy, complicated footwork dance. Danny was perhaps preoccupied with getting the steps, but Anya really let loose. Their performance was stellar. Couple that with last week's oh-so-yawn-inducing, but technically flawless Vienese Waltz, and I think they're the couple to beat.

But let's get back to my favorite--little miss Sabra. She got to dance in her style last week and if her partner Dominic had just a tiny bit more oomph, it would have been the breakaway performance.

Another standout performance was Pasha and Jessi. Unfortunately, they ended up in the bottom three. Neither one was let go, but it looks like the end is nigh is for Ms. Jessi . . .

And, speaking of dancing, I've signed myself and my beau up for hustle lessons at the
Washington Dance Club in July.

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qta said...

#1 I love the redesign! #2 I have tagged you with the 8 things meme... you don't have to do it, I just thought your answers would be interesting. And I am glad you like my new Querelle banner.