Marry me a little

I'm making it a point to watch Regis and Kelly this morning when I get home from work. Its shocking, I know.
It must be something pretty special for me to put up with those two, and it is.
Raul Esparza and the cast of Company will be performing. So I get a little obsessive about things, sue me.
The Tonys are Sunday, and, yes, I will be watching and/or recording them.
Hey! Lay off! Watching the Tonys absolves me of most of my homosexual duties until the Christmas holiday season. Couple that with marching in the gay pride parade, and I'm clear until Valentine's Day.

Not only is he interminably handsome (especially with a beard). He also has the most angelic voice around.

I know I've put videos of him on here before, but here's another.

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