All Fridays parties

Thanks so much for all the emails alerting me to the Buffy Sing A-Long this coming Friday. (And the comments in the comments section.) I think Tennille wins the prize for alerting me to it first--all the way back in February!
Thanks, Nilla!
So, Phil and I will be going this Friday. I'd love it if you came along. The more, the merrier, I say. We can grab a beer at Bill's Off Broadway beforehand or something!

Last Friday, we were at the Henry for the opening of the new Doug Aitken exhibit. I liked it quite a bit. It was pretty similar to his last piece. Lots of stuff about rhythm. There was room full of dolls which was cool (different artist). I'll be going back soon with my new toy . . .

Next Friday is my birthday! And you, gentle reader, are invited to join me and my peeps at Golden Gardens. Phil is making prepartions for reserving a table. I don't know exactly how the whole grill thing works--so most likely I'll just bring food that doesn't require grilling. As for alcoholic beverages, all Seattle parks have a no alcohol policy. This translates to bringing a sippy cup of some sort. There will be alcohol, but its gonna be on the down-low, like Matthew McConaughey.
So please come stop by and say 'Hey!' I'd love to see you. And bring a present. And not something cheap and meaningless, either.

As for that new toy.
Let's just say that this is a sign of things to come . . . (Its been in my possession for less than 5 hours)


Tennille said...

fabulous, what do I win?

Phil said...

GRILL AWAY!!! I just got the table and we got ourselves a grill. And we don't have to share it!