Dancing about television

Summer is more or less here and with the arrival of sunshine comes a dearth of quality television programming. You would think that would be the impetus to get me out from behind the keyboard. You'd be wrong.
This is the time of year when I turn to the television for some quality dancing.
So You Think You Can Dance is back. Risa is the only person who takes it as seriously as myself, but I've gotten Phil and Matt on-board as reluctant viewers.
Let's do a recap.
Last week the two best routines were Mia's and Wade's. Mia's looked all emotion-y. Wade's looked all rip-off-y. Consequently, they were probably the best danced, as well.

But, and its taken me two weeks of poring over the videos, I've finally selected a favorite female dance. That dancer is Sabra. Maybe its the afro, but more likely, its the techinicality and clena lines she brings to kitschy disco. Fun, fun!

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