Expires 6/30/08

If you had a coupon that said it expired on 6/30/08--would you think that you could use it on that date for the discount?
Yeah, so does everyone else--except for the asshole Papa John's on Holman Road that took the time to send out "Neighborly" coupons and then wouldn't redeem them.
Screw you. Your pizza sucks anyway.


Linz McC said...

Argh! I have the same problem with my Papa John's! MULTIPLE times they wouldn't honor my coupons that were good. I feel your pain. Why do I go back?

Thomas said...

i agree that's low. my bro says the same thing happened to him at shopper's drug mart the other day. i'm in Vancouver now, btw.

so did you pay for the pizza?

jeremy said...

Thomas -- Well, the coupon was for a free pizza so when I called to cash it in, they just denied me.
So I just gnawed on my hand all night . . . mmmm . . .hand!

Vancouver! woohoo! I hope to be taking the BF up there sometime in the not too distant future!

Earl Cootie said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I am a General Manager at an E Coast Papa Johns in the US.I just happened to find this post and might I say, if I heard any of my employees turn down a coupon on the day that it expired, they would be at the unemployment office. What horrid customer service!