You're a pal and a confidante

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the wonderful array of people who sent me birthday wishes. This year, I really wasn't feeling celebratory. My patient boyfriend bent over backwards (at one point literally) to ensure I tolerated my old-i-ness with a modicum of composure. But there was no beach blowout like last year or classy restaurant get-together like the year prior.
There were text messages and phone calls and facebook wall-writing and comments left on the previous post and even a rather embarrassing blog post replete with picture. So thanks for thinking of me, for making me feel valued. I swear I'll feel up to speed sometime soon, and I swear there will be a party--not a birthday party, but a gathering of those near and dear party. 'Cause lord knows I like to party.


Phil said...

ah, modicum. That was the first word you ever used that I had to look up. This time it was "replete". And naturally they both mean exactly what I thought they meant.

Anonymous said...

get morgan geist "double night time". great birthday gift to yourself.

janice said...

embarassing??? try AWESOME!!!!! ;)

jeremy said...

hey anonymous--i find you to be a very, very cruel person.
i've wanted to hear geist's other collaborations with greenspan since greenspan told me about them waaaay back in september of '06.
and then you tease me by telling me to get it for my birthday when it doesn't get released until september of this year. maybe i'll write to jeremy and/or morgan and beg and plead for a track.
(or maybe you want to give me a birthday present?)

Anonymous said...


happy birthday!