Get thee to a gymmery

Ok, so the birthday weekend is officially over--it is especially apparent because I am once again in the vault for another extremely long shift. Yes, I will be napping at work tonight.
Anyway, I wanted to thank all of the commenters for the birthday wishes! They are much appreciated.
Then I want to thank everyone who showed up at Chez Gaudy on Friday to celebrate with me. Roll call: Risa, Keith, Maria, Maggie, Tony, Steve1, Amy, Kelley, Bill, Derek, Geoff, Steve2, Emily, Joanna, Andy, and, of course, Matt.
I felt a little scatter-brained during the affair, and bouncing from table to table made me feel as though I wasn't spending enough time with some of you, but, seriously, I couldn't ask for a better group of friends. Thanks so, so much!
Below are a few of the pictures from the evening. The rest of the pictures revealed to me just how fat I've become, so you don't get to see them.

Matt, Me, Steve 2, Emily
Joanna and Andy getting their drink on

Bill, Kelley, and Derek
Me, Tony, and Maggie

My sweet Maria, Me, and a tassel
Me and Geoff

Amy, Steve 1, and Me
As for what you can expect to see on the blog in the coming week--reviews of The Lake House, Pirates of the Carribean, and A Scanner Darkly. Plus, a love letter to Chez Gaudy.
Oh! And Maggie, you have a message from Keith in the comments of the last post.


Anonymous said...

whose the cute guy in the green shirt in the second pic? more importantly, is he single, employed, and honest?

bg said...

JJ - Your skin looks flawless; and at 30 years old!? Better than real, it looks impeccable. Must be all that clean livin, or...Photoshop, perhaps?

Can I get a little p.s. luv on my shiny drunk cheeks? Maybe turn down the magenta a click or two? hmmm? Sharpen my chin? :P

Thanks Betch!

jeremy said...

hey! i only ps'd one of the pics--the one w/ geoff cuz i was SUPER shiny in that one.
the rest is all natch. if they were big size, you'd be able to see my old age imperfections.

jeremy said...

hey anonymous -
the guy in the second pic is andy. isn't he dreamy? i have fantasies about him. and no, he's not single. that's his lady across from him. sorry!