Nerdiest. Day. Ever.

Monday after work, I came home and popped on the TV to catch up with my old friend Buffy Summers. Matt awakened shortly thereafter, and I told him about the new Buffy comic book being scribed by none other than Joss himself.
So we decided we'd hit the comic book store that is a mere two blocks from our home. Said store was quite a disappointment. The severely overweight, unfriendly proprietrix acted as though I were crazy when I asked about the trade paperback
Astonishing X-Men title. "I haven't carried new titles in over ten years," she said with incredulity.
Matt and I perused and tripped down memory lane. I checked to see how many
Power Pack issues they had. If they had the Wolverine appearance. We talked about gatefold covers and foil covers. We talked about the big Image split and my love for Whilce Portacio's much-needed X-Factor stylizations.
The building nostalgia urged us to hop the next bus and head down a few stops to
Arcane Comics. An excited 30-something patron exiting the store was already flipping through his purchase. He looked up as he maneuvered getting onto his bike and, noticing Matt's Excitebike shirt, exclaimed, "Awesome shirt man!"
Much like the previous store's owner, Arcane's proprietor was overweight, but his amiable demeanor was much more suited to our laid-back, kickin'-in-the-sunshine day. Without looking up from his computer monitor, he asked if he could help us find anything.
"Yeah," I asked, "Do you guys have the hard cover Astonishing X-Men."
"Naw, sorry, man," he replied, "but I could special order it for you. We've got the two trade paper backs, though. Give me just a second."
I looked to see what was on his monitor and a familiar sight assailed me.
"You play horde or alliance," I asked.
"Mainly horde. Little Alliance."
So we talked
WoW for a bit before he pulled out the books I was looking for. Then we talked about when Dark Horse would be releasing the new Buffy book. Like any good fanboy who is also a salesman, he convinced me to check out Marvel's Civil War. Matt picked up some old MacFarlane era Spider-Mans. When we got home, Matt sat in front of the TV; I fired up WoW. We put on a couple episodes of Angel and read our books.
Its ok if you call me a nerd. I know I am.


Anonymous said...

What comic book store is this? It better nt be Comics Dungeon in Wallingford -- just east of Dick's an across the street -- or I'm gonna make sure heads roll. ;)


jeremy said...

Nope! Its on 15th in Ballard--why the beef w/ Comics Dungeon?

Matt in San Francisco said...

I'll have to pick up the BTVS comic! Let me know if it's any good...

Anonymous said...

No beef with CD. I've been going there for years, and if they were giving shitty service, I'd let them know. (I'm loyal to them, but I wouldn't tolerate it for a second if they acted like the dorks who work at Golden Age down in the Market.) ;)


Sean said...

OMG! I have *every* issue of Power Pack! Ack! Talk about a walk down memory lane. I loved all their crossovers, with Cloak and Dagger, the Morlocks and Beta Ray Bill!