Q: What do internationally renowned DJs play in Vancouver?

A: Cruel Summer - The Bangles, Mr. Roboto - Styx, Pump Up the Jam - Technotronic, and that song by maybe The Killers or somebody about jealousy. You know what song I mean, you have a radio.
Not that I can blame him. I mean, I walked into Club Plush and was equally underwhelmed. A bunch of amateur clubbers rolling their asses off, wandering from place to place, and talking way too loudly. The floor was cheap linoleum tile, like in your high school cafeteria. There was a huge concrete pole in front of the right cluster of speakers. A vodka Red Bull cost $11.50 a bottle of Heineken cost $6. Yeah, that's Canadian, but still ridiculous. Of course, there was never a line for any of the three bars--because everyone was on drugs. And you'd think that a bunch of e-tards would be up for some dancing, no? Well, apparently, they weren't. And what's even freakier? I was one of the better dancers there--and I'm not a good dancer.
And you know how you're always sort of excited to be in a different town because you'll be all anonymous and stuff? That wore off as soon as we hit the club. Lisa, my co-worker from my Kinko's days, was there. So much for any air of mystery. Plus, she's the type of person who always introduces me as her "gay friend." Cringe. I guess I should start introducing her as my, "fucked-up-on-E-Indian-dot-not-feather friend."
And even though Sander played totally stupid tracks (ok, there were a handful of decent ones), he looked so adorable. The crush still exists.
Plus, Vancouver is such a great town. It feels diverse and large. And on the Canadian Cartoon Network, I was introduced to perhaps the world's worst cartoon. Rocket Robin Hood. If you ever have a chance to watch it, I'd recommend it. It really is the low water mark which demonstrates how far animation has come.

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