So, its no secret that I'm totally enamoured of Joss Whedon. He based my beloved Buffy on my favorite X-Men character Kitty Pryde (aka Sprite, Shadowcat). Recently, I've been catching up with Firefly, the short lived sci-fi series he created for FOX. I missed most of the episodes due to poor programming, but have really been enjoying catching up with it. If you're a dork, you might like it, too. What I'm super-psyched about, however, is Serenity. Its a movie based on the Firefly TV show--and you should check out the trailer.
Now put Firefly in your queue on Netflix, and let's all go see Serenity on Sept. 30th, ok?
And maybe, if the movie's a big success, we'll see the return of the crew of the Serenity.
My guess is NBC will pick it up--since its a Universal movie. And cuz NBC is in a pathetic 4th place. That'll make Joss the creator of the only two shows (that I know of) that left one network and went to another.

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