Wow! I'm a little tired. Dubtribe on Friday. Junior Boys on Saturday, and Architecture in Helsinki at Sonic Boom yesterday. And the best part of it all? They were all really good shows.
Dubtribe was at Club Trinity which I was a little dubious about, but it ended up being all right. Trinity used to be the Bohemian which got that hip-hop crowd, and it was part of the 15 clubs, 1 cover thing. The good thing about it is that there are three rooms--one retaining the hip-hop flava of the past, but the largest room was reserved for the house headz. What really made the show great was everyone, and I mean everyone, was there. Here's a run down:
Karen, Jen, Bernadette, Kris, Rachel, Chris, Paul, Matty, Tom, Jenna, Rachel, Jon, Turtle, and Ramiro. And tons of people who totally dig on Dubtribe. Sunshine and Moonbeam were adorable. They sat on their knees on the ten inch high stage and sang, and played their music. Everyone was dancin' and havin' a good ol' time. I bailed at 2:15 cuz I was tired and didn't think I would make it til 3.
Then Saturday night. I got to see my much beloved Junior Boys. I was a little nervous--you never know how people are going to re-create their sound, but from the first track, I was sold. They ran down their modest catalog and performed a few new songs. What really surprsied me was their musicianship--you don't really expect it from guys who create a lot of their sound on a laptop. I wanted to yell, "You're so sensitive," and throw my thong undies up on the stage.
Then Sunday afternoon was Architecture in Helsinki. It was a great little in-store. I really dig on their ebullience at using non-traditional instruments and funky body-part percussion.
So, here's two pics from Saturday night's show. Needless to say, my camera is crap. I didn't want to use a flash cuz those pictures always come out all washed out. So, we've got the slow shutter going on. Anyway.

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