For real (world)?

Y'all remember Jacinda from The Real World London?
Why didn't I know that she was act-inating now?
She can currently be seen (at the dollar movies) in
Poseidon--and she's gonna be in Zach Braff and (total hack) Paul Haggis' new venture "One Last Kiss" which actually might not suck because it is based on someone else's work. But probably will suck because both of them have a penchant for schmaltz.
Anyway, there's a teaser trailer on Zach's site (above link).
The song chosen makes me want to puke into my underwear.
At least he didn't mine Ivy's "One More Last Kiss," that would have made me cry.

Oh, and cuz its Friday and you should laugh a little today, please take the time to watch the lovely Ms. O'Donnell in a fine performace:

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Adam said...

WTF? Was that Jack Black as Rosie O'Donnel as a....well retard?