My deceptive weekend

Matt, Steve 2, and I headed to Whidbey Island this weekend with the intention of taking a ferry to Orcas Island. We made it to the ferry at AnaCortes, but it was pretty late so we decided not to risk a trip out to the island--we could have been stuck.

On our way there, we stopped at
Deception Pass State Park and Washington Park. Below are pics. Enjoy!



Adam said...

The photo on the ferry is fab!

GayProf said...

Like Adam, I also the ferry photo (of a fairy?). Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I tried to resist.

jeremy said...

Thanks guys! My camera's total shit and only focuses when it wants to, but I enjoy snapping a few here and there.
As for the ferry/fairy comment--yes, that pun was used extensively on our jaunt.

tornwordo said...

Nice pics! I like the one with the green moss stuff on the rocks - it looks like a cool camera effect or another world.

Earl Cootie said...

We hope to be taking my folks up to Deception Pass tomorrow. And then on to Central Whidbey and from there, a possible ferry ride to Port Townsend. Your pics have reinforced to me that I made a wise choice in planning our itinerary.