4 more episodes of Veronica Mars left. (Chances of it getting picked up are VERY slim.)
13 hours without a cigarette.
2 days until my new computer arrives.
1 week until I leave for Texas.


Tennille said...

are you quitting? Or just too far from the store?

Anonymous said...

how many times have you quit?

jeremy said...

This will be attempt number 3. Right now i'm at 38.5 hours w/o smoking.
Lots of mints. Lots of gum. And anything else I find lying around to help w/ the oral fixation stuff.
(Oh, and deep breathing thru cravings works wonder, go figure!)

red said...

yay! welcome to the quitters club! Hang tight! I know you can do it! Drinking tons of water helps...like chug it when you have a craving. Doing deep breathing helped me too.
Licorice root extract is supposed to help with cravings, I think you can get it at Tenzing Momo (or however you spell the name of that damn hippie store)
COngrats Quitter!

qta said...

congrats on the quit Jeremy! you can totally do it!

Anonymous said...

Totally heartbroken about Veronica Mars. Blows.