I, Prostitue

The FDA recently called me an intravenous drug user and prostitute. Well, what they really said was that any man who has had sex with another man since 1977 is a drug-using prostitue. Okay, what they really said is that gay men still cannot give blood. The Red Cross, international blood association, and America's Blood Center all recommended a lift on the ban because modern HIV testing methods make the archaic rule obsolete. [article]
But the FDA, that lovely governmental workhorse headed by Andrew von Eschenbach, whose nomination for the position, consequently, was opposed by my senator, has chosen the path that this administration has taken over and over again--the path of fear.
Fear based discrimination is the easiest to spread and it is a choice this administration makes over and over again.
On a similar note, more gay linguists have been discharged from the army. [article]
And, of course, we have the contingency of African-American pastors lobbying congress. [article]
I'm tired of being made to feel like a second-class citizen. I'm tired that these drops in the bucket aren't overflowing--that we're all just taking it.


Thomas said...

this makes me so mad.

the whole FDA argument is beyond ludicrous. i honestly just can't get my head around it. it completely blows my mind that there are educated people who think this way. i just don't get it. how could this be anything but homophobia? i mean, it doesn't make logical SENSE! ahhh!

GayProf said...


Glenn said...

You're a whore for even THINKING of giving blood! Whore!

jeremy said...

Its true. I am a whore for even considering giving blood.