Anthony Glycolic Face Cleanser

Yes, I'm one of the 'mos who loves product. Sue me.

I don't obsess about it or anything, but I find that most grooming products purchased in drug stores truly are subpar to the crazy, face-burning, entirely too expensive kinds purchased at specialty stores, on-line, or at department stores.

I think my . . . fondness for cleansing products started with Kiehl's. I consider their Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream the marijuana of cleansing products. The arches of its gateway has lead to Zirh and Anthony with H20+ looming on the horizon.

So, I figured I'd start a series about all those products that line my medicine cabinet (drawer).

The first in the series is Anthony Glycolic Face Cleanser.

I got this product in a shave kit that also contained Pre Shave Oil, Shave Cream, and After Shave Balm. The whole reason I got it was because my dopp kit was shot and I wanted a new one, plus I had heard some good things about Anthony.

The Glycolic Face Cleanser is an interesting product. Its taken me a while to figure out how to incorporate it into my routine. It is a light, silky liquid that does not foam up. Its consistency reminds me of a night face cream or watery lotion. It is easy to remove because of this consistency, and I use it when I'm going to go out (to work, choir practice, etc.) but won't be taking a shower for while.

You can feel it tingle a bit as you rub it around your face. Your skin really will be squeaky clean when you're rinsing the cleanser off. The cleanser is also fragarance free which adds to this product's fresh clean.

The makers recommend using before a shave. I don't use it for that purpose. Even though it has glycolic acid (the smallest of the alpha hydroxy acids), it lacks the depth of clean that I require before a shave. Like I said, I use it more for a waking-up-late, running-out-the-door, just-have-time-to-wash-my-face, or I use it on when I feel like all those other heavy cleansers that I use have burned away most of my epidermis.

The product design is ok, but I don't like people's names on product (you won't catch me in Victoria's Secret). Plus, Anthony sounds so fey and I like my cleansing products to be a bit more masculine. Does that sound gay?

It retails for $18 bucks and I have a feeling that my bottle will last 5 or 6 months, so I recommend it.


A Single Man said...

Neutrogena has a facial peel that is glycolic acid and it is wonderful for my problem skin.

I couple it with PHilosophy's "hope ih a bottle" for acne and h20 cream.

All wonderful products. Highly recommended.

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