Is it all over my face?

The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival kicks off tonight with The Walker starring Woody Harrelson and a bevy of older beauties. This year's festival is fairly comprehensive and very impressive.
I, however, am only making it a point to see one film--The Godfather of Disco. Based on Mel Cheren's autobiography, My Life and the Paradise Garage: Keep on Dancin', the film's cast reads like a who's who of dance music--and it should; Mel's label, West End Records, defined the sound of disco with tracks like "Don't Make Me Wait," and "Is It All Over My Face."
I guess Mel lived a bit of a double life, but all of that came to an end as the age of HIV/AIDS devastated the world he created. Mel stepped firmly out of the closet to battle homophobia and the disease in the mid-80's.
There is a feeling I get when I hear a West End track. Its hard to explain, and I've had this conversation with a couple people before. Its like being nostalgic for something that you've never experienced--and kind of holding this idyllic model in your mind and allowing that fantasy to supplant whatever actual reality is there. So I'm looking forward to this film giving me more context for these amazing, genre-defining tracks. You should go, too.
Here's the trailer:

And, just for fun, a track that Tim Curry sings (maybe even wrote) about the legendary Paradise Garage. And, even better, Loose Joints "Is It All Over My Face."


GayProf said...

Huh -- I always thought that hair was strictly for Rocky Horror. I didn't realize it was actually his own.

jeremy said...

Oh yeah! Big ol' loose 'fro is all his!

gail said...

Tim Curry is beyond awesome. This is proof.