A perfect storm

Matt and I discussed who we thought would be at the show on our bus ride to Capitol Hill. Bill had already bailed. Matt's friend Jonathan wasn't going to make it and my friend Jonathan is in some fly-over state. It was a Monday night and the cover was close to $20 bucks--both deterrents in our minds.
Even though Trentemoller's reach is pretty broad, we were convinced the club would be sparse. The Seattle hard core, some enthusiasts up from Portland, but certainly not a packed venue in our minds.
Small venue, weeknight. That's my speed. Well, it was my speed sometime before the graveyard took hold of me.
Regardless, we got to the club about an hour after the doors were open and there were already a handful of people.
Abstract Soul was opening with a 2 hour set--from 9 to 11 and were pretty much tearing it up. The played Gui Barato, Booka Shade, and all kinds of crunchy, acid-y bass. By the time they left the stage, the place was packed--not uncomfortably so, but definitely two times more people than I expected. I even ran into a guy I know who lives in Portland, go figure.
Anders Trentemoller took the stage w/ a bassist and a drummer. They laid the smack down and everyone had a great time. It was such an interesting cross-section of people. There were ravers and hippies and hipsters and househeads, and everyone was there to get down. Even the frat-types didn't douche it up. This is the high water mark that I needed for the year. I danced my ass off and went to work late, a sweaty mess.
So as 2008, my year of nothing approaches, I will have a very fond memory of a good show from ought seven.

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