Cheering Up Janice, Part the Second

I called and sang "True Colors" into her voice mail.
I called and sang "I Just Called to Say I Love You" into her voice mail.
Now, she is

I know what will cheer her up! Unicorns! Heyyy!


red said...

what the hell happened to Janice?

janice said...

dude, i'm the crybaby troll. my nose looks like a cat!!!

have i told you how awesome you are lately? planet unicorn TOTALLY made me laugh!!! ;) XOXOXOXOX

Tennille said...

why is Janice so sad? And how can I help? If I do a silly dance on the other side of the continent will that make things better?

Anonymous said...

hey yeah, what's going on? anything we readers can do. what's the deal?