Improving my money

I've stated on here before that this year is all about cutting back and finally taking some steps to secure my financial future.
Right now, 15% of my income goes into a 401(k). The first 6% is matched dollar for dollar by my employer. I've got a good amount in a Roth IRA, to which I need to contribute more money.
In lieu of a CD, I've got a Money Market Account that is slowly accumulating money.
To give you an idea of how much money I am saving this year--
I spent over $650 on restaurants in December.
This January I've spent around $70 on restaurants.
In December, I spent around $400 on groceries.
So far, I've spent around $140.
I've achieved these goals fairy easily. Given, I'm only three weeks in, but there is a sense of accomplishment. There's less beer in the house and more Balance bars. My lunches are predictable and stops to the local falafel/burger/hot dog/pizza joint on the way to work have ceased. All of this, plus some other stuff, and my finances are turning around.
(Oh yeah, and I don't owe the city for that pesky DUI anymore. It only cost me 6 years of my life and around 20 thousand dollars to keep it off my record.)
So, now I'm looking to invest. And what better time plunk down some money for stocks than now? I mean, there's some real bargains out there right now! So, how do I find a broker? How do I pick what to invest in?
Why is becoming an adult so difficult?

So, the big thing I wanted to do this year is invest in stocks.

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