Thank christ

Two posts in one day? What could warrant that?

Eddie Vedder getting overlooked for his "work" on Into the Wild.
Eff you Sean Penn.
Eff you Jon Krakauer.
Eff you Emile Hirsch.
Eff you Christopher McCandless,
but most of all,
Fuck you Eddie Vedder. Your crappy songs are as irrelevant now as they were when you ruined my senior year of high school (dick).


Anonymous said...

don't pick on Eddy. Some of us were singing Gypsy and some of us listened to the song Black 100s of times in a row.

Keith said...

i feel like you just put me in my place: i watched that movie on an airplane yesterday and thought it was good. i can see the jab at eddie, with all his tribal crooning, though.

jeremy said...

Turthfully, I can't imagine the film with any other soundtrack. I think Sean Penn succeeded in making the film he wanted to make, and I think that Alaska (but probably Canada!) looks gorgeous in it.
I just don't like Eddie Vedder because Jeremy followed me around the end of my junior and all of my senior year.
As for the film--well, I think McCandless with his "idealism" and the place of privelege he came from got exactly what deserved. Penn put him way too high on a pedastal, though and missed a lot of Krakauer's condescension. I also felt that Penn gave too much weight to McCandless' journal entries. When I read the book, they seemed like adolescent whinging, but Penn reads them like scripture with McCandless as the Christ figure.
I would have really liked to have seen Werner Herzog's take on the same material.
There is no sense of man versus nature, nor even man versus himself. Perhaps that's because McCandless himself was not a man. Maybe that's the real tragedy of the story, that he never got to grow up and see the error of his ways.
And I wish I could say that Hal Holbrook's portrayal was moving, but all the secondary and tertiary characters were hollow or crudely drawn. While a portrayal like that works in a film like Before Night Falls--an unrecognizable Sean Penn plays a character illuminating the road ahead of Bardem's Reinaldo Arenas--in a film based on real events which favors naturalism over mysticism, the results are haphazard and careless.
So, I kinda hate that movie. I kinda hate that book. I kinda hate Eddie Vedder.
No real malice is intended.