Riced potatoes

I know my guy loves me. He's bought me a meat tenderizer and, more recently a potato ricer. Maybe he just loves me cooking for him. I've been talking about making gnocchi forever, but all the recipes I read recommend a ricer for good consistency. And isn't that what good gnocchi's all about?
I'm also excited to make mashed potatoes with it. I loves me some mashed potatoes. Plain. With roasted garlic. With bleu cheese and caramelized onions. With pancetta and parsley . . .
But the mashed potatoes will come later, this Saturday I'll attempt my first gnocchi run.
Maybe I'll video it and post the results up here.

If I weren't being hermit this year, I'd probably be going to the Northwest Film Forum to see Crispin Hellion Glover present his film What Is It?

Instead, I'll be at home playing with my new cooking gadget. Maybe I'll flatten out some chicken breats and make chicken parmigiana with gnocchi in marinara.

Oh, I'll probably also watch this documentary that I've wanted to see for a while called Red Without Blue. Its about these twins from Missoula, Montana. One is transgendered, the other is gay, and I guess they have a lot of other family issues piled on top of that. It won the audience award for best documentary last year at Sundance. (Man, my life is exciting! Dinner at home AND a movie!?!?)

Speaking of Sundance--this year's festival starts in 6 days. During the run, and even a bit after if they operate the site like they did last year, you can view many of the short films in competition. Also, many of the workshops and lectures are podcast. So check that site next week for all kinds of movie goodness.
Films that sound interesting this year--
Adventures of Power, written, directed and starring Ari Gold with Michael McKean and Jane Lynch tells the silly story of an "air drummer."
Be Kind Rewind, the Michel Gondry flick starring Jack Black and Mos Def as they try to recreate all the films that got demagnetized at their video store.
Donkey Punch--its a horror film. That title and its a horror film? Sign me up. Interesting fact, another film called Donkey Punch came out in 1992.
I'm most looking forward to Tom Kalin's return to feature length cinema, Savage Grace starring Julianne Moore. His debut feature, Swoon in 1992, was a great crime-drama based on the Leopold and Loeb murder. He also penned the underrated Office Killer starring Molly Ringwald and Carol Kane.

There's some more, too, but go check 'em out yourself.


Earl Cootie said...

I like silky-smooth, riced mashed taters, but I hate doing the ricing. (Don't know why, it's easy enough.) So Bucko is in charge of ricing. So I do the lumpy with-skins (and bacon and shallots - yum) kind, when I do them. But I am the family gravy-maker. Always.

Thought you'd like to know.

GayProf said...

I wish I had a potato ricer.