Today sucks.
Monday is Tennille's birthday. Be sure to drink green beer in her honor.
I'm taking some downtime. A week. Maybe two.
Review of Skull and Bones (finally) coming upon my return.
Pics from Scott's book tour, I'm sure.
In the meantime, download OKDJ12a
I call it 12a because I just beat matched. I was going to mix some, but it ended up on my device for listening purposes. Then the lazies got a hold of me.
Its a great workout mix. Really banging. Got a breather toward the end before the final stretch.
Um, can't remember all the tracks off the top of my head, but I know the following are on it, maybe in this order, but probably not:
Robin - Be Mine (Dusty Kid mix)
Circulate - Rex the Dog
Chicken Lips
Some amazingly sick Drama Society remix of a Tiefschwarz track
Alex Under
The Black Dog
Metro Area feat. Erland Oye
Armand van Helden - I Want Your Soul (TV Rock remix)
Francois K - The Road of Life
Obviously, there's some more, but I don't have the track list in front of me. I think I've been needing the big room sound to compensate for my lack of leaving the house. Fortunately, some of those urges will be quelled in late April and early May.
See you guys when I get back.


Tennille said...

thanks! btw - 32 years and still no green beer for me. I'm still not sure how thats happened.

Thomas said...

6 minutes in so far. i'm really digging it.

jeremy said...

Six minutes in -- that means you're still on the Robyn track. The one after it is the one I just can't get enough of--the one that makes me pad just a little faster on that elliptical.