Boy Bus

Every once in a while, riding the bus has its perks. Like today, for example. Sure, the bus was packed and there were no single seats available--and it was early, but there were myriad men on the bus. All: Of legal age. Most: With glasses. Some: Reading. Few: Checking each other out. And this totally cute guy who had horn rimmed glasses and was reading (what I thought was the Sports section--but turned out to be Life and Arts) looked in my direction not once or twice, but it was almost a staring match! If I were younger and more carefree, I probably would have gotten off at his stop. No comments, please.
Here's the test I just took.
Tell me your results.

You Are Creepy


Serial killers would run away from you in a flash.

I've gotta say that I did stack the decks when answering these questions, but that's just the mood I'm in.

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janice said...

okay, just testing to see if your comments thingie was working again yet! ;) it wouldn't let me post last night. :(

and dude, i'd run away from you too. ;)