A word is worth a thousand pictures

I have to get to the Uptown Cinema today to take a picture of their marquee!! On my bus ride this morning, the marquee read "Ballard of Jack and Rose". I wanted to laugh, but I was too tired. Now that I've been to the gym and had a few cups of joe, I'm rolling around in hysterics and my co-workers are giving me strange looks. I hope it hasn't changed by the time I get home, grab my camera and head back up there.
If you're wondering where the strange picture from the left comes from, I Googled Ballard and this was one of the pictures that came up.
What are you doing this weekend? Me, I'm probably going to check out Sin City at the Cinerama, I might go check out Dave Seaman at Element tonight. Tomorrow is a definite for the Stars show--and can I just say that I was pretty happy that the Stranger didn't have a write up on the show. Maybe it will prevent some boneheads from showing. And my other plans are to watch two surrealistic classics courtesy of Netflix. Un Chien Andalou and L'Age D'Or by Dali and Bunuel. If you haven't seen either, put them in your queue. I recommend watching them at least once every two years.


janice said...

yaaay! it's at the cinerama!!! :) but i think i'm not gonna go...looks like it might be too gory for my liking. :P

shoshanna said...

oh man, Ballard of Jack and Rose!

I love cracking myself up, tonight my friend made fun of me and I replied indignantly "THAT'S JUST HOW I ROLL". Then I laughed at my own joke for two minutes.