Shame is Shameful

Just really irritated by the religious right. (I know, that's a first, huh?)
Check out this article.
It must be nice to sit from a position of affluence and influence--to sit in a position of power and persecute others.
Jesus must be pissed at those assholes.


Michael Sollien said...

Think how confused the kids must be. One minute they're told homosexuality is normal, the next it's a sin. Christian fanatics is the scariest bunch. They give me nightmares.

Tennille said...

I think its funny. Cause see kids aren't stupid. Well some of them are, but they should be allowed to continue to be morons that way its easier to weed out the people we want around. Some kids will grow up knowing that the Christian right is stupid and some kids will never figure it out. I often wonder, do kids realize the hot lesbians from the OC are gay. Will they stop watching it?? I mean she did change back....so maybe there is a cure for gay. Jere, you should look into that!