Aretha Franklin to start my week

My first image today was that of a young Aretha Franklin in a slinky grey dress bathed in a pink spotlight. I'll let that set the tone for the week.

What did I do this weekend?
Well, I leveled all three of my characters on WoW, and I auditioned for the Seattle Men's Chorus.
Oh, so now I have to justify myself to you? Fine.

Reasons why I auditioned for the Men's Chorus -

I like singing
What do I have to lose?
Performing on stage at Benaroya Hall and McCaw Hall would be mass rad
Reason to get out of the house once a week
Free refreshments
Meet dudes
Forcing all of my friends to attend at least one show (yes, I mean you!)

So I think my audition went pretty well. I wasn't properly warmed up and I had a lot of phlegm all lodged up in there, but I sang ok. Turns out the cigarettes have been murder on my range (I used to have a 4 octave range, now I'm barely making 2). He had me sight read which was totally gross and something I haven't done in forever--I haven't even looked at sheet music in quite some time. And it wasn't exactly an easy piece to sight read, dotted quarter notes, naturals, and a 4 note jump which was like groping for a book on the top shelf of a very tall bookcase. I'm almost 99% that I'm in--find out on Tuesday by way of phone call.
Keep your fingers crossed, y'all!


GayProf said...

The chorous isn't my scene (I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket), but it's probably a good way to meet lots of new people. Good for you!

janice said...

dude, you'll so get in. ;)

jeremy said...

Prof - so you can't sing AND you can't dance? I am lighting so many candles for you that you might see it all the way over there on the right coast.

and ms. janice -
i did get it--they called today!

GayProf said...

Hey -- Congrats on getting in -- and I appreciate the candles. Really, I have other talents -- like, um, er, well there's... Look, I just do, okay?

Gay Erasmus said...

Congrats on making it. You used to have a 4-octave range?? My god, you could have been an entire men's chorus. What part do you sing nowadays? Tenor?

jeremy said...

Yup, back in the day--I could sing upper baritone to some soprano in my upper register falsetto.
Two years of classical training in high school yielded a heldentenor timbre that I just can't shake. So that's where I'll be singing for the chorus.

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