A descent proposal

Matt, Steve 2, and I went to catch "The Descent" yesterday afternoon. I think the general concensus was that it was decent. I mean, it didn't stink, so we didn't have to de-scent it. (Ok, I'm out of puns.)
It had some pretty good ideas and it could have been about fifty times creepier than it was, but still, far, far better than say, Saw, Saw II, The Hills Have Eyes, The Amityville Horror, and most other horror films released in the past 10-or-so years.
I really liked all the vagina related crap--an all-female cast (the only dude gets offed in the first 10 minutes), climbing into a big hole in the ground, all the blood, and other crap. The monsters were pretty ineffective and, overall, the whole thing could have been psychologicaller, y'know?
Things left to the imagination, especially in confined spaces is just cuh-reepy. The sequences of the spelunkers shimmying through tight spaces were way creepier than the battles with "the crawlers."

So I think I got Matt (Steve 2 is only at the "tolerate" phase) hooked on Veronica Mars (yay!), now I've just gotta convice the rest of you.
I think Deputy Leo made it to season two episodes, but even if he didn't, dude is foyne.
Check it:
Can I have more? A lot more?

And, he's in love with me.
He's always thinking of me.

And don't you want to be supportive of my (imaginary) relationship? Well, then start watching the show!
Oh, and check out the fashion:

Love My Way
Season 1 is available on DVD now.
Season 2 is released on August 22nd.
Season 3 begins Tuesday, October 3rd at 9PM on the CW (omg, right after Gilmore Girls)!!!
I expect annotated reports detailing your love for the show on my desk in the morning.
Class dismissed.


Earl Cootie said...

Pretty in Pink and . . . . Desperately Seeking Susan?

Matt in San Francisco said...

I can't believe someone else besides me watches this show. I've been selling it door to door I feel like telling everyone how much it rocks. Leo is a TOTAL dreamboat. And of course Logan...

It's such a great show. Can't wait til Season 3 begins.

jeremy said...

Ding ding ding! We have a winner--nice work Earl!

Hmm, Matt's a Logan man . . . interesting. Of course, I love my Leo, but if I had to pick another, I think I'd be on team Duncan.

GayProf said...

And, he's in love with me.

But, the again, aren't we all?