Now, man

Phil, Bill, Andrew, and I hit up the Nauman opening at the Henry on Friday. The collection is on loan from Christie's and its looks great. Just the fact that it is neon makes it seem more relevant--and playful. Phil and I arrived a little on the late side (thanks, #48 bus!) but we still hand enough time to power through the exhibit.
Neon is totally cool.
Alternately blinking, neon flacid/erect penises are totally awesome.
Free beer and wine? Art is, like, rad.
Free food? Aww, man, we arrived too late to partake.
The world's prettiest man still works at the
Peter Miller bookstore (which I always want to call the Henry Miller bookstore).
Final analysis: Besides the four of us, not nearly as many hot guys as the
Maya Lin opening (I think that show had more architecture student crossover). Also, will need to return at a later date to enjoy the show.

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