Thick dreams

I didn't take Tylenol PM this morning when I got home from work. Sleep came quickly and easily even though I napped on the 40-or-so minute bus ride home from work. When I take the PM, I often wake to damp sheets or at least a moist pillowcase. There's something about it that makes me sweat in my sleep; also, my mouth hangs open and saliva runs in rivulets from pillowcase to top sheet. It sounds disgusting, and it is. Taking Tylenol PM also increases the need for laundering my 1000TC Egyptian cotton sheets. So I didn't take it this morning.
I wish I had.
I woke up around 6pm. That's early in my world. Its about two hours earlier than usual. My dreams were still crawling around in my head. There was a man holding a ferret with near-transluscent skin. He had on black leather gloves. He inserted two of his fingers into the squirming mammal's mouth and slowly forced them down its throat. His gloved fingers were visible through the struggling animal's skin. He must be wearing the gloves so he doesn't feel the ferret bites, I thought. I was so angry at that man. I was close enough to him to see fine details like the gold thread stitching on his gloves, but I was so far away that even if I ran at him he could get away. So I dream screamed at him. It was near-primal and completely silent.
The fact that I couldn't make sound only angered me more, and it was around that time that I woke up.
So that dream sat on my shoulders. Made my back hurt more. Made me edgy and gave me that feeling that there was something I had to do. Or something that I started that I needed to finish.
Like all of my dreams, I know its source. I know the ferret that demands some clinician/mafioso to probe it while it squirms. I know that my screams have been largely silent. Most of all, I know that I will do my best to ignore my subconscious mind until these squirmy feelings go away.


Tennille said...

I'm on the edge of my seat...what was the dream about? Something tells me translucent ferrets don't exist in my dream book.

jeremy said...

Dream book? You hippie!

GayProf said...

Ignoring your subconscious is probably just a recipe to have more of these dreams.

Tylenol PM does not at all give me a restful sleep. The next day I also feel like crap.

jeremy said...

Yeah, I'm cool with having more creepy-ass dreams. As long as I don't have to go confronting people or, worse, talking about my feelings. If my parents taught me one thing, its that suppressing feelings may not be healthy, but it is effective.
And Tylenol PM generally does wonders for me, especially if it is followed by a morning Red Bull.
(Ow! My liver!)

red said...

Tylenol PM is crack! You should be taking Xanax.