Oh, please!

Don't even front! You hardly even noticed that I hadn't posted in a while. Most of you are just curious about my next mix and when I'm going to put more music in my top secret download spot just for you.
Well, for your information, I do have a lot of music to (slowly) post to my top secret download spot. You guys have been burning through my monthly allotment of GBs. And the next mix is (even more slowly) coming together. It starts off with a remix of that
Lady Sovereign track. You know, the one at the beginning of your favorite show, Girls Behaving Badly, and features the always amusing antics of Missy Elliot.
But, come on! Give a brother a breather! I've been OCCUPIED! There is a life away from the keyboard.
This past weekend was Risa and
Keith's wedding. In case you haven't been keeping up, I officiated the ceremony. The feeling of the entire thing was amazing, but my performance, I must say, could have been better. The ceremony, when I practiced it at home, took around 15 minutes. On the actual day, I think I burned through it in around 7 minutes. Score one for brevity!
Aside from that, the venue was great. The food was amazing--Kobe beef, pistachio encrusted ling-cod, bacon wrapped steak--I think there were at least ten entrees from which to choose. And Risa looked absolutely STUNNING!!! I'm sure I'll have pictures soon enough.
I can't believe that I've known Risa for 12 years. I can't even begin to tell you the sets of circumstances that led her to meet Keith (Montana, Poland, New York, Denver), or how a guy from Denton, TX who went to school at Texas A&M met a teacher at a clown party. Hell, I can barely even relate the story of how I chose to move to Montana after growing up in Fort Worth, TX only to decide that Seattle was the place I wanted to live.
So, I married them. They are now Mr. and Mrs. Keith Harris as result of my ordination.
I didn't allow Phil to come to the ceremony. I know, it was completely silly, but I just didn't want him there for that. Our
hotel was right across the street and I ran across to get him before dinner was served. He was still privy to the open bar, so I'm sure that suited him well, if not better.
When I booked the hotel room, I was a poor bachelor. What care I, I reasoned, if I should share a bathroom--there is no need for privacy! Then, I went and found myself a dude and, I suddenly saw the need of a private bath. The front desk replied to my urgent request with a disheartening no, but after I arrived, the adorable front desk clerk informed me that he might, indeed, have a deluxe room.
I was so taken with the room's design that I forgot to tip him for his trouble. (Read: I was so taken aback with the cost of having one's own restroom that I deemed tipping an out-of-the-question expense.) The upgrade, however, was worth it.
Here's Phil's camera phone's picture of it.

In case you can't tell, that's the shower head behind a pane of glass with the head of the bed located directly on the other side. Um, it was kinda hot. Ok, it was totally hot.

Sunday we saw
Ghost Rider (avoid at all costs, read Phil's review here). Then I went home and crashed. When I awoke, I hauled ass to the hill to meet up with Bill. We went to the Re-Bar and shook our asses. It was really, really nice. I haven't danced in a really long time, and I got to see a bunch of the old crew. The music isn't exactly the sound I'm into right now, but it worked.

Monday I had brunch with the ever-effervescent
Janice. And, Christ Almighty, you can get off my back now. I might update more frequently; I might be taking some much deserved time off.

How have you been? What have you been up to?


Earl Cootie said...

The word "titters" makes me giggle like a pre-adolescent. It sounds naughty. But I was getting accustomed to starting out my day as a fourth grader.

So did you cut bits from your portion of the ceremony, or did you just talk really fast?

(I want one of those showers.)

Anonymous said...

welcome back - I want to see the pictures of Risa!!

why can't I post regularly...


GayProf said...

So, if the shower was above the bed, where was the toilet?

Anonymous said...

who do i have to blow to get a key to the top secret download spot? oh, yeah...stupid question.


gail said...

Wow, I wish I could tell you that I'd hook you up with some Kobe beef and the coolest bathroom/suite situation possible, but... Do you work for doilies, by any chance?

jeremy said...

I could work for doilies, and as far as food goes--one of those crazy-ass sammiches that your fiancee and friends made would be good enough!

liz said...

Hey Jeremy - I am the groom's self-proclaimed favorite cousin and was terribly terribly disappointed that I couldn't attend the wedding b/c I am knocked up. I have seen a bunch of pictures though and have to agree - Risa looked sensational. And what a beautiful dress she wore. I saw a picture of you and your man too and I wish I could've been there to meet the two of you. You guys are Funny and I enjoy reading your blogs. (Yours and Philthy's.)

Just wanted to tell you that. :-)

former Texan

liz said...

FYI - the "Janice" link from 2/22 is a 404.

jeremy said...

Hey Liz!
Thanks for commenting. Wish you could have made it to the wedding! It was a blast and even though I puked right before (combination nerves/hangover) it was a great night.
And the Janice link being dead makes me so, so, so sad that I don't think I can fix it.