Ain't no need to be the victim of obsession

I've wanted to know who performs this song for so long (well, since about November of '05). I always thought it would be kind of useless to ask here on my blog. I just play the whole mix for music enthusiasts and ask casually when the final track comes on, "Do you have any idea who this is?" Invariably the answer is nope.

It is, in my mind, one of those perfect tracks. The strings sit far enough back that you only fleetingly think of disco. The lyrics are brilliant. I don't know why, but songs about infatuation have always resonated with me--from The Carpenter's "Superstar" to Sarach McLachlan's "Possession". Really, though, this song is about the absolutely perfect percussion (highlighted by the synth bassline), especially by the time we get to verse.

So, now that I've found like, 2 of the best music bloggers on the 'sphere (and Seattlites to boot), I'm offering it up to them. Maybe their ridiculously deep crates, virtual or otherwise, contains this song.
Sean, Terry, any ideas?

Mystery Track
Oh, if you haven't checked out their blogs, do so RIGHT NOW! There's SO much great music on both of them. Sean has 2 mixes on his site that have been getting tons of play at the house lately. Everyone I've met in the past month has been forced to listen to Man 2 Man's "Male Stripper." That's one of those perfect, kitschy tracks that doesn't have tons of ideas, but the ones that it does have sit just right.
One last thing, you guys do know that you can download the admittedly paltry selection of tunes from the sidebar, right? I'll try to throw more stuff in there from time to time. Even if it is stuff like a cover of St. Elmo's Fire and an old Olivia Newton-John track. If you hover over the track, it will give you the details. There's also a down arrow that you can click on to d/l.
That is all. Lovely Thursday to each of you.


Jerome said...

Looks like this is Infatuation by Upfront, from 1983: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ovjr7y9-fg

jeremy said...

Jerome, I have no idea who you are, but thank you!
(And speedy response too!)

Terry Miller said...

that's such a great early freestyle track!

jerome is the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Without checking the IntarWebs, I knew about Upfront's little Italo-disco gem from way back.

It's been forever since I've listened to it, though. Still, it shines.

Hope all is swell in your world.



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