Toward the end

On my flight home from Texas, I sat in the window seat with a middle-aged woman in the center seat and a seventh grade girl in the aisle seat.

I was tired. I knew I would be sleeping the entire flight so I thought I would be kind and let the little girl use my DS. Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Nope. Brain Age. No stylus. Tetris. Kids today don't get Tetris. That left Diddy Kong Racing.

I put in the cartridge and handed the device over.

She excitedly took it and brandished it to her jealous older brother across the aisle.

The game started and my save game character came up on the screen: Ball Sack.

(more to come)


Bewareoftheblog said...

nice. i once had an old lady on a plane seat next to me grab my copy of Fangoria thinking it was complimentary Continental reading material. that was fun.

Anonymous said...

And? Then what happened? Did you touch the older brother? Inappropriately?

Anonymous said...

More about your trip please!