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Isn't it annoying when someone gets on the bus and opens the window above them, but they're not the one who's getting the cold winter air blown directly into their face, its all the people behind them?

Yes. Very annoying, and it happened to me today.


Tennille said...

Take it from a New Yorker that what you do is then stand up and slam it shut while giving the offender a dirty look and all the other cold passengers a smile. And then of course you have a slight chance if the passenger getting stabby, but you take your chances in these situations.

Phil said...

People do that here too, but they're usualy way too passive to get stabby. Although one time a guy did start yelling at another guy, calling him a retard. It was fun.

jeremy said...

It was me and two homeless types at the back getting blasted with cold. The group of four that came in and opened windows were teenagers. The scary kind. The kind that's not in school at 11am on a Tuesday.
Else, I woulda got all up in their respective grillz.

Tennille said...

Funny. Instead of "passenger" I was going to write "black teenager" but then I thought that Santa might withhold my presents if I get too racist so close to Christmas, whether or not its true that black teenagers are the scariest people in the world.