I shit you not

A lot of my job is corresponding with clients in Japan and China. Because I am fluent in neither Mandarin nor Japanese, I am frequently reduced to using Babel Fish to ascertain what a client needs/is trying to communicate.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most recent and easily the funniest translation I have ever had.

Milk well way You have taken care. It is Helen Keller's case, but it was
difficult to take the illumination of the thing which after all is details and
this person of the picture this time as for Helen Keller the judgement that went
down from Dentsu it is not used. Very much we applying the number of hands,
excuse it was not. In addition when something it is, we ask may.

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Phil said...

jesus, that's good stuff! While I happy am joy for your many lucky post rewards, I thought for sure i'd be reading about Sabra toady.