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So this is kind of a catchall for stuff that I've needed/meant to relay to friends and stuff that I've meant to mention.


So, first of all, fellow Seattlites, the film
Juno will be screening at Pacific Place on December 11th. As with all screenings, I'd recommend showing up an hour or so early. Bring a book, a video game, whatever.
Would love to attend with some of you (lookin' your way
Andrew, Bill, Keith, and Risa).
I alerted Keith over at
ReelFanatic to the screening in Atlanta and he thoroughly enjoyed the film. You can read his review here.

Secondly, a couple of you have asked (and
Phil commented) about the So You Think You Can Dance live show. It was Risa's birthday, we went with her sisters and had an amazing time. The kids were so athletic and danced so well. There were only a couple new numbers, but that's ok. There was no hustle, either, but I guess Neil and Sara's disco routine made up for that. I screamed "Everett" and "Take your shirt off!" I spilled red wine all over myself, a good time was had, indeed. To get an idea of the show, below are collected clips. Run them simultaneously for the best effect.

Finally, Risa and I were talking about
Xanadu and how awesome it is. Here is a clip, via Tapeworthy of the lovely Kerry Butler and the radiant Cheyenne Jackson performing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

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