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What a peculiar year. I didn't read as many novels as I usually do. I didn't purchase as much music as I usually do. I travelled a bit, but not as much as I would have liked. I went to a few art openings. I saw a few films, but overall, 2007 was a pretty mellow year.

So here's my roundup for the year.

Best Live Shows - Trentemoller at Neumo's, Seattle - Its hard to put into words the electric energy of this show. Just an all around great night and a Monday to boot.
Booka Shade at Mezzanine, San Francisco - My only wish for this show was that it was about 2 hours longer, but seriously, these guys proved why they are international superstars.

Best Movies
INLAND EMPIRE - Once again, David Lynch blew my mind. He creates moody works that are inexplicable and demand viewing. Therefore, I won't try to explain it.
No Country for Old Men - The most accomplished work of the Coens. Still behind The Big Lebowski in terms of all-time favorites, but a nearly perfect film. During Tommy Lee Jones' final monologue, all of the events of the film shifted in my head and all of a sudden, I was thinking about the existential dilemma. Whoa. Heavy.
Eastern Promises - It took me a long time to see it, but it was well worth the wait. A heavy, dark film that still holds that crunchy, organic Cronenberg feel. Plus, a super-hot bath house fight scene featuring a nude Viggo Mortensen.
Zodiac - This movie haunted me. I can still picture the close-up of the college student's face as the Zodiac killer forces her onto her stomach and then stabs her. More mature than all of Fincher's previous work. I really liked how the investigator's obsession became the focal point of the final third of the film.

Best Books
I didn't read any. I did listen to American Fascists, God is Not Great, The God Delusion, and No Country for Old Men. I started The Prestige (probably in 2006) and I've only got a couple pages left. Maybe I'll get around to it. What else . . . oh, I read the Buffy comic. God I suck.

And Best Music -
The best mix this year has to go to Sean Wolcott for his DJ Set 2. There are so many killer tracks on there and so many kitschy tracks on there. Everyone who came over to my house had to listen to Male Stripper and Ultimate Warlord.
I don't think I bought any albums, really, just tracks.

Man, an odd year indeed.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't read any books. Its like I don't even know you anymore.

jeremy said...

Yeah, its bad. I admit it. You know, I used to read every night before I went to bed.
Reading before bed isn't nearly as nice when the sun's still up. I used to read on the bus, but lately I've taken to motion sickness.
So mainly, I listen to books at work. I find myself reading more short fiction and interesting articles.
I think the best think I read all last year was Susan Orlean's piece about oragmi in the New Yorker.
I get really fried reading any one author any more. I get bored by their sentence construction and vocabulary. There hasn't been anyone as exciting as David Mitchell or Haruki Murakami to excite me. (Even both of their last works were borderline for me).
So I hardly read last year. Maybe when there's something worth reading, I'll read it.

Anonymous said...

yes, sentence construction is stoopid. Everything should be written a la lolcats. Me iz thunkin jeermy need care pckages full o books!

Phil said...

yeah, you started the Prestige before I met you. And fine, I just won't bring you any more Buffy :P

Adam said...

Inland Empire was the only movie that I turned off and said, "I just can't watch this anymore." Although I LOVE Laura Linney with every fiber of my being and I thought she was amazing in Inland Empire, Brad and I bust out laughing when she says, "His name was Crimp." I mean WTF? That movie was way too "concept" for me although I think it had some good bones. I watched Mulholland Dr. afterwards to wash away my confusion. Mmmm Mulholland Dr.....

Thomas said...

^^^ I think you mean Laura Dern.

I enjoyed INLAND EMPIRE (though i didn't fall in love with it) and I laughed out loud at the WTF-of-it-all more than a couple of times. I'm going to remember some of those scenes forever. Still not sure about that credit sequence--I loved it, it's undeniably great, but still something makes me want to reject Lynch's using "Sinnerman" in that way.

Great picks, Jeremy. I think this might be the first 2007 list I've read where I've actually seen all the films.

P.S. 2007 was a bad year for books for me as well. I only managed two or three outside of the ones I had to read for classes.

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