Dina dong merrily on high

Phil and I hit up the Dina Martina show this weekend at the Re-Bar. It was as spectacular as I had anticipated. To simply call Dina's show a drag show would do it a great disservice. Phil had never seen her before. Check out his reaction over here.

After the show, we talked briefly with Marcus/
Ursula Android. He indicated that Dina might be getting too big for this little town. That would be a real shame. We also talked about his final show at Pony (which bumped poor Terry).

And now the news that the
Showbox has been purchased by AEG Live out of Los Angeles and the Crocodile Cafe has closed its doors.

And, of course, the
Re-Bar is still for sale--Carla can't seem to dump that place.

Five years ago, I went out at least three nights a week. Now, going out one night puts a strain on my schedule. I'm more excited about my
foam matress topper than I am about Alex Smoke coming town.

I think I've fleetingly mentioned that next year will be very boring for me.

I'll take the time to elaborate.

Over the course of the next year, I am going to be on a very strict budget. I am not renewing my membership to the Henry or going to SIFF or the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. I will not go out to hear live music. I will not see a film in the theater. My diet will be as boring and monotonous as my days, but the silver lining/goal I've set to myself is saving nearly half of my gross income. It sounds ambitious, and I guess it is, but at this time next year, I want to be searching for my home, or at least well on my way to putting down 20% on a ridiculously priced Seattle area home.

Man, things do change.
Other things I'm looking forward to next year? M.A.N.D.Y.'s Fabric mix which is due out January 14th, and Scott Heim's newest novel We Disappear.

I've had Scott's first novel in the sidebar for sometime but I just realized that I don't have Scott's blog listed in my Linkage section. That will be rectified shortly.

If you're a reader, then please take the time to
pre-order Scott's book from Amazon now. His debut was wonderful, and his sophomore effort sounds equally as magnificent. Also take the time to swing by Scott's blog. You won't be disappointed.

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Philthy said...

I'm five years younger than you and you're finaly slowing down to be as boring as I am.