P.S. I watch really crappy movies

That's right, I'm going to see P.S. I Love You sometime over the holidays. I will go with Risa, and even though every bone in my cynical body will most likely detest the film, I will also, most likely, cry. I mean, that's what films like that are supposed to do, right?
The story of a woman who continually gets letters from her dead husband--how could you not cry? Temper the maudlin with sitcom patter and pratfalls, and you're guaranteed to play misty for me. I mean, I still cry at Steel Magnolias.
My eye rolls and accompanying "gah" will probably irritate those around me, but I'm going anyway.

Oh yeah. And Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are in it. And I guess Gerard does some silly striptease down to his boxers. So, really, what's not to like? Sure, I've seen him in a loincloth, but this should be the type of cringeworthy that makes for a nice wank once its released on video.